About Us

Welcome to Chalk Drop®, an Australian company providing quality educational activities and materials to parents. We specialise in playdough and other sensory products for children. We sell all sorts of playdough accessories and lots of related products like clay, science kits, and different modelling compounds like HappyMais and PlayFoam.

Chalk Drop is located on the beautiful central coast of New South Wales in Australia. Our ABN is 89 939 809 086.

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Chalk Drop started as a monthly craft box subscription. Our focus on modelling materials came about when researching the educational benefits of playing with playdough. We kept on discovering more and more types of dough, clay and related products made from foam, cornstarch, and all sorts of materials. Some of these are not widely known or available, especially in the Australian market. To address this, Chalk Drop's first product on launching was the Clay Club which is a simple method for Australian parents to discover new ways their children can demonstrate their imagination and creativity every month.

About the founder

Chalk Drop was founded in 2012 by Angela Starling. Previously, Angela co-founded Wikia, a website where people can create, collaborate, and share what they know and love. Wikia is visited by more than 90 million people every month. Before moving to Australia, Angela worked as an educational researcher for the National Foundation for Educational Research in England and Wales. Angela and her husband, Tim, have two young daughters who love playing with dough and experiencing all sorts of new textures!